We use environmentally-friendly farming techniques to produce our wines. Like many of the wine producers in the Rheingau region, we use biotechnology products instead of insecticides. Furthermore in our winery we do plant protection without copper-containing chemicals to fight pest and fungal invasions, but we use modern fungicides which are more friendly to the soil. In order to preserve and increase soil fertility we grow ground vegetation in every second row of our vineyards, and we use green manure as fertiliser. The energy we use for pressing the grapes and expanding our wine is produced from green sources. Where possible we also try to re-use our wine bottles because it takes less carbon dioxide to wash the bottles than to make new ones.

Weingut Josef Schönleber
Marktstr. 15
D-65375 Oestrich-Winkel


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E-Mail: kontakt(at)weingut-schoenleber.de

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